Our Services

Our Services

controlsAir Distribution & Hydronic Balancing New Construction

This work is usually completed as a requirement of the mechanical specifications in conjunction with your mechanical engineer.


Independent System Survey

The testing of system components to verify that they have indeed been properly tested and balanced.


Analysis and Troubleshooting Existing Systems

Testing existing systems and operating conditions including recommendations for improvement.


Building Remodeling & Rehabilitation 

Testing existing system components to verify condition and ability to meet new design requirements.


Third Party Testing of Life Safety Systems 

Austin Air Balancing was the first agency to gain approval by the City of Austin Fire Department to engage in testing and certification of life safety systems in high rise buildings per code. Services include testing all detection devices, control dampers, door pull testing, stairwell/vestibule/floor pressurization, floor to floor pressurization, fireman control panel verification, and annual re-testing. Notable projects completed to date include Frost Bank Tower and Austin Hilton Convention Center Hotel. 


Annual Stairwell Pressurization Certification 

Includes certification of both existing and new code requirements for stairwell pressurization.


Analysis and Balancing of Specialized Systems

Testing and adjusting equipment used in processing and manufacturing.


Clean Room & Computer Rooms

Testing and balancing air volumes to achieve required conditions.


Energy Management Systems

Evaluation of state-of-the-art systems including negotiation of their installation, calibration, and training your personnel.


Pneumatic Controls Calibration

All devices - thermostats, controllers, etc. - should be calibrated twice a year on summer/winter change over.


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